Rick Cody

DW-Land D&C Consultant
Marubeni O&G USA Inc

Marubeni Oil & Gas Engr/Ops implemented a step change in performance using DOT w/ SEM work flow process while performing nine, DW Wet Tree, Well P&As using a Rig & Rsrless equipt to Plug Zone, Pull tbg open water, and Circulate Cmt plugs into Multi Annuli w/ tests on cement in each annulus and then used NEBA to confirm Net Environmental Benefits for DIP of unflushable umbilical. Drlg & Compl Engr Consultant w/ 35 years of Engr/Ops Experience in USA Land, GOM, & Alaska, SEA, India, Africa, Middle East, and Trinidad. 16 years consultancy with Majors & Independents. SPE Papers include DW Completions & Seismic Based Rock Property Predictions which was also published in a 2010 Society of Exploration Geophysicists textbook.