Hakan Eser

Vice President, Subsea Interventions
OneSubsea (a Schlumberger company)

Hakan Eser is the Vice President for Global Operations & Intervention OneSubsea (a Schlumberger company), based in Houston, TX. He has MSc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Imperial College in London, as well as MSc. in Oil & Gas Management from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Hakanjoined Schlumberger as a Wireline field engineer in 1995 and spent his career to date in 10 different countries in various positions in Wireline organization finally being the Wireline Vice President in charge of Latin America operations based in Rio de Janeiro. Hakan also leads the Subsea Services Alliance, an alliance between OneSubsea, Helix ESG and Schlumberger that has the notion of supplying one-stop shopping and single interfaced, cost efficient subsea interventions.